Brian Stefans

Brian Kim Stefans is the author of the books of poems What is Said the Poet Concerning Flowers (2006) and Kluge: A Meditation (2007), along with Before Starting Over: Essays and Interviews (2008), among other works. He teaches new media and literature at UCLA. Digital works such as “The Dreamlife of Letters” and “Kluge: A Meditation” can be found at A new book of poems, Viva Miscegenation, will be available from MakeNow Books in September 2011. In July and August,  Brian will be guest-editing a column, describing concepts that can be used to understand and appreciate the varied and inchoate meta-genre known as “digital literature.” These are works that exist at the nexus of new media and literary culture, including Flash and iPhone apps, interactive fictions, text movies and video games. These informal but detailed posts will include many links to works online, and will be accompanied by a suite of new works that Stefans has commissioned from nine artists worldwide.

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