Issue 16

January - March 2021

Participatory Urbanism

This time of protests and a pandemic presents great strain for our cities — and great opportunity for long-needed change. Through in-depth conversations and place-specific portraits, local, national, and international figures explore the promise and problematics of “participatory urbanism” and public space, asking who participates — and how — in constructing urban places. We know that place is comprised of more than just the physical environment: social fabrics, ecological processes, political and economic agendas all have their (often competing) roles to play. In what ways do artists, architects, urban planners, and community activists produce and reproduce a place? How are burdens of emotional labor, collective responsibility, and commitment to justice borne differently by different actors? What, ultimately, does civic participation mean in the current urban condition?

Edited by Robin Abad Ocubillo, Participatory Urbanism is the latest issue of our durational magazine; new commissions appear each week.
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