September 08, 2021

Columnists in Residence: Fall 2021

Sofía Córdova
Creative Growth artist and poet Elizabeth Rangel and poet Lorraine Lupo smile as they sit and chat in a garden filled with plants and ceramics outside of a red brick studio building.
Elisabeth Nicula

Our Fall 2021 columnists in residence are the visual and performance artist Sofía Córdova; the collective Poetry Collaborations with Creative Growth; and artist and writer Elisabeth Nicula. Over the next three months, they will publish on a rotating basis; what they choose to address, and how, is up to them. And once their official tenure is over, they will retain lifelong publishing rights, joining an ever-growing cohort of alumni columnists.* So far as we know, this is a unique experiment among major art institutions. We’re very proud of this program, which was envisioned and built by our singular founding editor, Suzanne Stein, and we look forward to seeing where Sofía, Poetry Collaborations with Creative Growth, and Elisabeth take us.

*Editors’ Note: This is the final cohort of Open Space columnists; now that the site is ending, so, too, is this experiment.

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