José Esteban Muñoz, in Memory and Futurity

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On December 26, 2013, D-L Alvarez sat down with theater maker Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas to talk about the death and lasting influence of noted critic José Esteban Muñoz (1967–2013).

D-L: I’m not sure I can conjure up my first meeting with José. It must have been in 1996, and Nao Bustamante would have handled introductions. Was it in a gall... More

Amiri Baraka Will Be Missed

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There will be both a wake and a funeral next weekend in New Jersey, where Amiri Baraka lived and worked. The wake will be important because his passing has been a cause for deep reflection among the countless poets, writers, and artists that he touched. Collaborating constantly, he was in Paris just last year performing with his old friend virtuoso pianist and composer Cecil Taylor.

Baraka also had many friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and made frequent under-the-radar appearances on KDVS with Justin Desmangles, jazz historian and chairman... More

Keep Your Heart Strong: An Interview with Kati Teague about Healing from the Prison Industrial Complex through Art and Organizing

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In this mini series I interview three young artists and recent graduates of UC Santa Cruz whose work addresses policing, state violence, and creative forms of resistance to the prison industrial complex. The second of these interviews is with Kati Teague, whose series Have You Seen My Mother? reckons with her experience of her mother’s incarceration. It was created for the 2013 Irwin Award Show, a group exhibition recognizing twelve emerging artists and graduating seniors at UC Santa Cruz’s Sesnon Gallery. This series is cross-post... More

Dennis Leon: Site Works in the Bay Area

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It is with great pleasure that Open Space is reproducing online for the first time select documentation by Dennis Leon (1933–1998) of the majority of his environmental sculptures. With deepest thanks to Christin Nelson. — TZ

Dennis Leon began making unsanctioned, site-specific installations in the Bay Area in 1975, first with a suite of text-ba... More

Diary of a Crazy Artist: 2014 Is YOUR Year of Getting Things Done

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Sick of hearing everyone talk about what they are going to do?

Me too.

That’s because now, more than ever, talk is cheap and what artists really need is support.

For the new year, I put together this list of helpful hints, carefully selected, or you could say curated for you — places for artists to get jobs, places to get grants, things li... More

Happy New Year!

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder finished Querelle this year, and started work on another film, this next one called Rosa L. On June 10 the script for this project, based on the life of Rosa Luxemburg, is beside him when he’s found at 3:30 a.m. by his editor and companion, Juliane Lorenz, quite dead, a cigarette still between his lips.

These are the years: 1964, 1972, 1977, 1981, 1989, and 1993, 1999, and 2003, and also the future years which do not have numbers yet, nor names, but are given all numbers and names. These are the ages of man: first cry... More

Pamela Lu on Eleanor Antin’s 100 Boots

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Pamela Lu

Overheard at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

An underground chamber,
where artwork is stored in times of emergency or disrepair

Two shoes, in front of an exhibit

LEFT: Where is she?

RIGHT: Getting her priorities mixed up as usual.

LEFT: I doubt it’s as bad as all that. What’ve we got here?

RIGHT: A series of postcards, fifty-on... More

What Time Is It?

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This fall, Open Space has featured a series of reflections by artists, writers, and curators on “the contemporary.” Today’s piece, “What Time Is it?” is a concluding note.
In 2011′s My Common Heart, Kansas City poet Anne Boyer writes a poem titled “Questions for Poets.”  The text opens, What time is it in Sydney? What t... More