Collection Rotation: Madalyn Merkey

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This conceived collection examines aspects of shifting cultural situations, as well as artists whose work challenges the institutional inclination to group artworks according to medium; it is rooted in large scale environmental and performance works. My desire with this exhibition is to experience a revolutionary art form capable of addressing contemporary social and political concerns.


A Spring Awakening for Open Space: New Columnists

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The last few months of winter have found Open Space in something of a state of hibernation, woken only at random intervals by a welcome or surprising contribution from one of our brilliant columnists (to say nothing of the crashing, buzzing, and humming sounds coming from the museum construction work next door). Finally, an alarm clock…


The Rumpus Pops Up in New York

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A few weeks ago here in New York, when it was so cold outside that puddles were frozen in the gutters and lethal sheets of ice clung to the sidewalks, I went to a reading put on by the Rumpus.

It was the sort of chilly hell no sane person would want to go out into.

But that clearly didn’t stop people from going; all of the tables were ... More

What’s up with stARTup?

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This essay was written collaboratively by Joseph del Pesco & Bean Gilsdorf.

“Unsatisfied with the brevity of Twitter and the isolation of a coffee-shop conversation, we thought it could be productive to post a critical analysis of the fair.”


Conflict Kitchen: An interview with Jon Rubin

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Originally published by Chelsea Haines in Guernica Magazine, this interview with Jon Rubin surveys the recent controversy about the Palestinian iteration of the Conflict Kitchen, and addresses some of the ongoing tensions of presenting art projects about politically sensitive subjects in the US.  (more…)


Matisse’s Couture Closet and “La Conversation”

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Jared Ledesma

In 1938 Henri Matisse completed La Conversation (The Conversation), a vibrant exploration of color and design on canvas featuring two female models clad in couture. This painting, along with many other works in SFMOMA’s Matisse collection, was the focus of my research in preparation for Matisse from SFMOMA, which was on view at the... More

BOOM: Turfing Inspiring The World

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My first two posts on Oakland turf dancing emphasized some of the sites where turfing takes place, or is subsequently shown: from the art gallery, to the Oakland Ballet, to the stages where Johnny Lopez’s TURFinc battles take place. That is, turfing is visible in a number of known venues for art. But there is another site that is critical to this... More

Miley Cyrus and Her Enigmatic Mask of Teddy Bears

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As surely as the sun rises every morning, there was a kind of cosmic certainty that one day Miley Cyrus would start making art. The show made the New York art world pause for a minute, like it did for Jay Z and James Franco before her, and then it moved on. And yet, after seeing her show of tween trinkets glued onto various mannequin heads, there’s a ringing in my ears that won’t go away. It’s like I stood too close to a loudspeaker in a club and all my senses got thrown out of whack. In that confused state I unconsciously... More

Taking Up Room On The Floor

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The RIP videos made by Oakland turf dancing crew Turf Feinz appeared in 2009-2010, commemorating recent deaths of young people in Oakland. It’s been four years or more since most of them were posted, which in turfing time, like internet time, might as well be forty. However, many, if not all, of the dancers in those videos are still dancing in O... More

The Sketch Artist: Paul Clipson’s REEL

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Judy Bloch on movie love masquerading as obsessive duty in REEL, a book from filmmaker, and longtime SFMOMA projectionist, Paul Clipson.

The tiny 35mm film frame (twenty-four pass by per second), in its singularity, evokes all of the big screen’s satisfying fullness. No small screen (say, television or computer) can hope to equal this lovely, fr... More