BOOM: Turfing Inspiring The World

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My first two posts on Oakland turf dancing emphasized some of the sites where turfing takes place, or is subsequently shown: from the art gallery, to the Oakland Ballet, to the stages where Johnny Lopez’s TURFinc battles take place. That is, turfing is visible in a number of known venues for art. But there is another site that is critical to this... More

Miley Cyrus and Her Enigmatic Mask of Teddy Bears

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As surely as the sun rises every morning, there was a kind of cosmic certainty that one day Miley Cyrus would start making art. The show made the New York art world pause for a minute, like it did for Jay Z and James Franco before her, and then it moved on. And yet, after seeing her show of tween trinkets glued onto various mannequin heads, there’s a ringing in my ears that won’t go away. It’s like I stood too close to a loudspeaker in a club and all my senses got thrown out of whack. In that confused state I unconsciously... More

Taking Up Room On The Floor

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The RIP videos made by Oakland turf dancing crew Turf Feinz appeared in 2009-2010, commemorating recent deaths of young people in Oakland. It’s been four years or more since most of them were posted, which in turfing time, like internet time, might as well be forty. However, many, if not all, of the dancers in those videos are still dancing in O... More

The Sketch Artist: Paul Clipson’s REEL

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Judy Bloch on movie love masquerading as obsessive duty in REEL, a book from filmmaker, and longtime SFMOMA projectionist, Paul Clipson.

The tiny 35mm film frame (twenty-four pass by per second), in its singularity, evokes all of the big screen’s satisfying fullness. No small screen (say, television or computer) can hope to equal this lovely, fr... More

BOOM! Turfing Against the World

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In 2010, the annual juried show at Southern Exposure was titled BOOM! Thinking back on it now, I love that curator Astria Suparak called it BOOM! It was a little melodramatic for a few rooms of generally non-explosive works of art, but prescient in a way. BOOM! – the beat comes in and everybody moves.  BOOM! – fireworks and their long echoes a... More

View of the Sun, August 9, 1908

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What is without reason, is monstrous. What is with singular reason, is monstrous. What ignores reason over a singular, driving motive, is monstrous. What is reasonable will get you from the top of the steps of your home, where you tie your shoes and feel the first breath of the day’s weather on your skin, to a table across town that sits near the door of the place where you do business, but this will never be anything anyone would pay to see on a screen. Only the monstrous is entertaining and profitable.


A1 Travel Grantees

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In April 2013, a friend and I started a year-long travel grant for Bay Area artists, offering $1,000 per month, with the only submission requirement being a short paragraph and a few images of past work. Since then we’ve awarded 9 grants to: Chris Fraser, Byron Peters & Cassie Thorton, Pawel Kruk, Llewelynn Fletcher, Jordan Stein, Scott C... More