View of the Sun, August 9, 1908

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What is without reason, is monstrous. What is with singular reason, is monstrous. What ignores reason over a singular, driving motive, is monstrous. What is reasonable will get you from the top of the steps of your home, where you tie your shoes and feel the first breath of the day’s weather on your skin, to a table across town that sits near the door of the place where you do business, but this will never be anything anyone would pay to see on a screen. Only the monstrous is entertaining and profitable.


A1 Travel Grantees

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In April 2013, a friend and I started a year-long travel grant for Bay Area artists, offering $1,000 per month, with the only submission requirement being a short paragraph and a few images of past work. Since then we’ve awarded 9 grants to: Chris Fraser, Byron Peters & Cassie Thorton, Pawel Kruk, Llewelynn Fletcher, Jordan Stein, Scott C... More

The State of Refuge in Vancouver

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This text appeared originally in Fillip 3, in slightly longer form:

At the Lobby Gallery, Erica Stocking exhibited Single Room Occupancy. She built a mid-level luxury hotel room in an empty space behind the gallery wall. The Lobby Gallery serves a duel function as the actual lobby of the Dominion Hotel, a boutique hotel on Abbott Street just North of Cordova and West of Carrall. It is just tucked into Gastown—the historical district which designates itself from the surrounding Downtown Eastside with brick sidewalks, wrought iron guard posts a... More

James Franco: To Barf or Not to Barf, That Is the Question

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As the saying goes,  if everybody hates you, you must be doing something right, right? So what happens when both of the top art critics in New York slam your work on two different days, delivering a one-two knockout punch? It’s enough to drive most artists to suicide!

The question is, do you go down for the count or do you to get back up and try to keep fighting? Jerry Saltz went so far as to say that George Bush is a better artist than James Franco. Roberta Smith pleaded for someone  to get him to stop making art.

Sure, maybe Franco is... More

The Mission School Brings Magic Energy to NYC

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Finally, after endless meetings, conversations, editorial decisions, and possibly a little nail-biting, the newest incarnation of curator Natasha Boas’s Energy That Is All Around has arrived in New York City. It opens April 17 at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery right across the street from Washington Square Park.

It’s worth mentioning that the park itself is somewhat of a magical and mysterious place. Diane Arbus made some of her most famous photographs there. In the 1940s Marcel Duchamp did an undocumented performance ... More

Five on Transition

Nicole Archer: Curtain Calls

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Curtains gather in the margins of everyday life. They claim to be insignificant, save for those pivotal moments when they dramatically rise or fall. Yet without them, we seem to run the permanent risk of confusing all our beginnings for our ends.

Five on Transition

Jarrett Earnest: Three Waves

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Ocean waves are animated by celestial forces: pull of the moon, wind churned by the sun. Vija Celmins’s Untitled (Ocean) (1977) is a drawing not only of water, but of breeze and sunlight, too — a vignette of our planetary arrangement.