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Magic Is Everywhere: Mel Henderson (1922-2013)

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In tribute to Mel Henderson (November 10, 1922–October 4, 2013).


“I’ve been involving myself with the landscape of San Francisco since 1969 — its abrupt geology, the beauty of its architectural geometry, and the diverse composition of its people. The city offers a lot of physical options for outside public events, especially events t... More

George Bolling: Invisible is the Medium

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Watching the mesmerizing coverage of the Mars Rover landing this summer, I was reminded of video artist George Bolling’s 1974 pioneering, real-time broadcast event Jupiter Flyby which attracted over 25,000 visitors to the Exploratorium in San Francisco between November 26 and December 2 of that year. During the event, Bolling was stationed at NAS... More

Terry Fox: Timbre

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Thirty seven years ago on March 13, 1976, the then-San Francisco artist Terry Fox (1943–2008) performed Timbre for an audience at the Mountain Theatre at Mount Tamalpais. Fox’s text below on his SFMOMA offsite performance was originally published by the nonprofit La Mamelle (1975–1995) and illustrated with photo documentation by Tom Mario... More

Receipt of Delivery: Samore Gallery

10.26.2012  |  By

Receipt of Delivery is a weekly series featuring Bay Area exhibition mailers selected from the SFMOMA Research Library’s collection of artists’ ephemera.

“Several intentions were announced in early press releases, but one of the most important functions of the gallery was to serve as a (store)front for my ‘guerilla art’ activities, for which the imprimatur of the gallery structure confers legitimacy and lays down a smokescreen … A basic philosophy of the Samore Gallery has always been subversion, sabotage, and upheaval.”

... More

Receipt of Delivery: Reese Palley / San Francisco

09.29.2012  |  By

Receipt of Delivery is a weekly series featuring Bay Area exhibition mailers selected from the SFMOMA Research Library’s collection of artists’ ephemera.

“Many thanks again for the guided tour through the Bay Area. It was one of the richest evenings during our trip: in one night four artists for documenta 5. This is to confirm the documenta will officially invite for participation Terry Fox, Howard Fried, John C. Fernie, and Jim Melchert.” – Harald Szeemann (correspondence with Carol Lindsley, Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco, Dec... More

To Various Persons Talked to All at Once

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Because this is my last post for 2010 I wanted to reflect on a few photographs I took when I was living in San Francisco. Having been away from the Bay Area for almost two years now, there are certain moments I recall vividly, in full color and in 3-D, if you know what I mean. One such moment was when I was taking pictures at Southern Exposure in 2... More

One on One: Tanya Zimbardo on Howard Fried

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[Alongside our weekly in-gallery curator “One on One” talks, we post regular ‘one on one’ bits from curators & staff. Follow the series here. Today’s post is from assistant curator of media arts, Tanya Zimbardo, who will be talking about Fried’s Inside the Harlequin: Approach Avoidance III and II, this Thursday a... More