Keith Hennessy

Keith Hennessy, MFA, PhD, is a dancer, writer, choreographer, activist, and ritualist. Raised in Canada, living in San Francisco since 1982, he tours internationally. Practices inspired by improvisation, anarchism, critical whiteness, contemporary dance, activist art, the Bay Area, wicca, punk, contact improv, and queer-feminism motivate Hennessy’s work. Keith’s 201617 collaborators include Peaches, Meg Stuart, Scott Wells, Jassem Hindi, J Jha, Annie Danger, Gerald Casel, and the collaboratives Blank Map and Turbulence. Awards include Guggenheim, USArtist, Bessie, Sui Generis, and a few Izzies. Hennessy directs Circo Zero and was a member of Sara Shelton Mann's Contraband, 19851994. Recent gigs include New Tretyakov/VAC Foundation (Moscow), Impulstanz (Vienna), Ponderosa (German), Warsaw Flow, TBA Festival (Portland), Movement Research (NY), American Realness (NY), and the colleges San Diego State, Mills, St Mary's, and Hollins. Keith's writings have been published in CQ, Movement Research Journal, Performance Research (UK), Society of Dance History Scholars Journal, Dance Theatre Journal (UK), Itch, Front, and In Dance. Photo by Ian Douglas.

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