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Queer communities disproportionately produce, curate, teach, and subsidize art. Yet the profile of this constituency in major museums has long been disproportionately low.

Non-normative gender and sexuality are not widely recognized as significant factors in either the creation or the analysis of art. I can think of only one significant exception: none would deny the relevance of same-sex love to the creation and understanding of the “political art” produced by Gran Fury, Group Material, and other collectives responding to the AIDS e... More

A Tribute

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The San Francisco International Film Festival and Pacific Film Archive’s film series became one of the most awaited events of the year for the Iranian American community in the Bay Area in the ’90s. Having lived through the absence of reports from Iran except for the state-controlled, sanctioned news, we were eager to find ways of rec... More

Caste and Outcast

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I first saw Jason Jägel’s boisterous, hectic painting on the walls of the first Bay Area Now show at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, here in San Francisco. Wow, when was that — 1996, 1997? Jägel continues to this day to produce some of the headiest, craziest, and most beautiful work in California. I’ve wanted to write something about him ... More

Any Thoughts?

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I’ve seen a few things over the past few weeks that don’t warrant their own post, but certainly have heated argument potential. What follows is an attempt to make this post more of a forum for discussion. Any thoughts? Just keep reading…