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Save Adobe Books

03.13.2013  |  By
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San Francisco’s beloved Adobe Books is facing major challenges, but the creative community of people who love it are working hard to keep the space open. To help support the campaign and learn more about their vision for the future, go here.

If you aren’t familiar with this legendary art & community establishment, check out Tammy Fo... More

Collection Rotation: Tammy Fortin – New Covers for Old Classics

09.10.2012  |  By
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The return of our regular feature Collection Rotation! Each month someone special organizes a mini exhibition from our collection works online. Today, please welcome (back) writer and rock ‘n’ roll star Tammy Fortin.

Last month I relocated from San Francisco to Lansing, Michigan, for my wife’s job. While she was at work every day, I myself, being unemployed and highly organized, began the slow process of unpacking and putting things away. I started with, arguably, the most important objects in any home, the books. I emptied th... More

5 Questions: Tammy Fortin

06.05.2012  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA artists, staff, or guests … although today I’m posting all seven questions with Tammy Fortin, because I couldn’t bring myself to cut a single one. Tammy is a 9-to-5er at SFMOMA as the assistant to the curator of media arts, Rudolf Frieling. She is also a musician and writer. Tomorrow is also her last day at the museum. Miss you already, Tammy!]


Do you collect anything?

I collect a lot of things by accident. I’m a sentimental person. If you gave me a scrap of paper and you wrote a really nice ... More

The Lunch Break Times

10.19.2011  |  By
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Artist Sharon Lockhart reflects on the presence of the individual in the context of industrial labor through film, photography, and printed matter. For Lunch Break (2008), she spent a year at a naval shipbuilding plant in Maine, and the exhibition — now on view — examines the workers’ activities during their time off from production. SFMOMA is also distributing Lockhart’s newspaper, The Lunch Break Times, which relates stories about labor and lunch breaks. Every Wednesday, at NOON, we’re posting one of the articles here.………&... More

Happy Birthday, John Cage

09.05.2009  |  By
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Composer, philospher, poet, artist John Cage was born on this day in 1912. This video was made last winter, during The Art of Participation exhibition, when we were treated to daily noontime performances (usually with staff performers) of Cage’s seminal work 4’33″. Thanks to Tammy Fortin as always for fantastic video gesture.

4’33″ (1952) is a composition of silence lasting four minutes and thirty-three seconds. Without instrumentation, the score highlights ambient sounds surrounding the performance: noises in the environment and those produced by the audience. Having decided there is no such thing as absolute silence, Cage chose to define it as the absence of intentional sound. In this he was influenced not only by avant-garde composition and Surrealism, but also by Eastern philosophy and Zen Buddhism. Indeterminacy, chance, and nonlinear progression became integral to the structure of his music. By scoring silence, Cage sought to open his listeners to di... More

Visible Means of Support: Precita Eyes does Kerry James Marshall

08.10.2009  |  By
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Surely if you’ve been in the building anytime in recent months, you’ve taken a look at our latest Haas Atrium commission, Kerry James Marshall’s monumental pair of murals called Visible Means of Support. Last February a team of painters from Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, a community mural organization based in San Francisco̵... More