Adrienne Skye Roberts

Adrienne Skye Roberts works in the crossroads of art, education and political organizing. As a curator and writer, she focuses broadly on issues of identity, history, and place, including the role artists play in gentrification, the relationship between public art and urban politics, race and the myth of the American frontier. As an educator she will forever be developing and implementing an anti-racist, feminist, queer art curricula. Adrienne’s activism focuses on housing justice, feminist organizing and prison abolition. She is a member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, a grassroots organization that provides support, and advocacy for women and transgender people in California state prisons and San Francisco county jail. Bridging the gap between cultural work and movements for social justice, her most recent project, Swimming Lessons and the Red Scare explores her own political inheritance by telling the story of her family’s role in the Communist party. Adrienne’s curatorial projects include Suggestion of A Life Being Lived, a radical queer film and photography exhibition at SFCamerawork and Home is something I carry with me, an art exhibition and film screening that addressed the housing crisis and was funded by Southern Exposure. In addition to Open Space, Adrienne writes for Art Practical, and Make/Shift:Feminisms in Motion. She edited with Danny Orendorff, the catalog “Suggestions of A Life Being Lived: An Queer Exploration of Three Public Themes,” published by SFCamerawork. She is a Lecturer in the Sculpture department of UC Santa Cruz. Adrienne has a MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts and a BA in Feminist Studies and Art from UC Santa Cruz. She is from the Bay Area and currently lives in San Francisco.

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