September 07, 2021

Reports of Our Demise

Well, alas, they’re not greatly exaggerated: as many of you have no doubt read on the world wide interwebs, Open Space will indeed be closed down at the end of this calendar year.

But! We’re not dead yet! Far from it: even as we wrap our heads around archiving the past, we’re gearing up to present some really lovely new pieces these next few months.

Newcomers and returning friends, columnists and guest editors, collaborators and supporters: it has been, and continues to be, a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many smart and thoughtful individuals and collectives (we’re up around one thousand overall!), each voice adding to the beautifully unruly mix that is Open Space.

Here’s to the last thirteen years, and the next four months.

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  • Pilastr Agonistes says:

    What was your budget? How much is sfMOMA saving by shutting you down? What will replace you, if anything?

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