April 16, 2008



The blog takes its name, and spirit, from a small but influential Bay Area poetry magazine that appeared in 1965. Edited by Stan Persky and presided over by legendary poet of the San Francisco Renaissance, Jack Spicer, and with the strict dictum that no copies be circulated outside the Bay Area, Open Space included only local writers whose works-in-progress were to be published as submitted, without censorship or constraint. This community-based, Bay Area-centric magazine also printed the work of many local artists of the time, including Jess, Harry Jacobus, and others.

Open Space aims to be exactly that: an open, local, community work-in-progress. Some planned future features include: community guest writers and bloggers; profiles & interviews with people in, around, near the museum; discussion, news (& gossip?) from the inside; and, most importantly, opinion, commentary, and critique from the outside. Tell me what you’d like to see, read, or do in this space, and I’ll see if I can make that happen.

Instigators, interrogators, interlocutors: all welcome and encouraged. Please note that the comment box is always open.

Stay tuned/keep in touch/let the games begin–



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