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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Terry Gross Freaks Out on Quentin Tarantino

01.04.2013  |  By
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In case you missed it, Terry Gross had a meltdown the other day when she interviewed Quentin Tarantino for Fresh Air. Judging from all the harsh comments on the NPR website, I’m not the only one who thought something weird was going on. But hey— who could have guessed that making a violent movie about an ex-slave getting revenge on white people would freak anyone out?

First she tried to link the recent death of the 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook with movie violence. In the process she implied he was partly to blame because he ... More

Techno Kisi: Interview with Artist Karen Seneferu

02.16.2010  |  By
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In keeping with my interest in artists that access African spirituality in their work I interviewed multimedia artist Karen Seneferu.  Seneferu is a Bay Area artist working in natural and manufactured materials to produce figures that function as new sacred objects reflective of traditional African ritual artifacts. It was probably with the literary work of Ishmael Reed that we first got hipped to the idea of new forms of sacred African ritual power embodied in contemporary Black literature and art. In 1974 Reed described his obscure short sto... More