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Action, Ritual, and Ephemerality: Julia Goodman and the (de)Appropriation Wall

05.14.2009  |  By
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We have an innate desire to preserve things: spaces, objects, memories. Preservation implies a sanctification, a remove from touch, and guard against eventual decay. Public spaces are redeveloped, graffiti is removed, and a new coat of paint added. Art objects, once delicately handmade, are often removed from touch by display cases and the demarcated spaces of museums.

Local artist Julia Goodman is interested in interrupting this process through a focus on ephemerality, ritual, and meditations on time. Goodman’s art practice consists of collecting junk mail once a week from her neighbors in Bernal Heights and transforming the junk mail into cast handmade paper sculptures. Her practice is multi-dimensional: community oriented as she travels door to door collecting paper and studio based as she engages in the laborious process of carving wood, making and casting paper. Goodman’s piece “Eleven Month Mourning Project: August 19, 2007 – July 14, 2008″ is repres... More

ANT FARM: Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) Sealing Ceremony

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Here are the guys from Ant Farm, at last night’s Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) sealing ceremony, recording the video message to the future about the contents of the time capsule. A recap: Since November 5th when The Art of Participation opened, the Media Van’s HUQQUH (that green device with the steering wheel around it, and pronounced “Hookah”) has been capturing digital files chosen at random from museum visitors’ electronic devices (cameras, cell phones, iPods). Those captures are what’s being sealed up in the van (whole van sealed up) — to be accessed again only in 2030.

The men, left to right: Bruce Tomb, Curtis Schreier, Chip Lord [ANT FARM], plus Paul Rauschelbach, who did technical genius on the HUQQUH. (If I’ve got that correct.)

Part of the evening’s festivities also included THIS:

A signed one-page print-out, kind of broadside-style, showing a sequence of some of the four thousand one hundred and eighty-seven randomly ca... More

ANT FARM Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule)

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Dear reader,

This is Tammy. Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. You might think I’ve been laying low — just kicking back on autopilot on some tropical island with the man or woman that I love. But no way! I’ve been sitting right here in this cubicle, in this chair, in the exact same position, for weeks now. So when S... More