75 Reasons to Live: Chip Lord on Terry Fox

Chip Lord is a media artist working with video and digital photography, and was a founding member of the art and architecture collective Ant Farm. He’s talking about Terry Fox‘s 1976  sculpture, A Metaphor. And for more Terry Fox, see Sarah Roberts’s talk on Pendulum Spit Bite, just below. Thank you, Chip!


Remember the end of Manhattan, when Woody Allen asks himself what makes life worth living? Last January, during SFMOMA’s three day 75th anniversary celebration, 75 people from the Bay Area creative community gave extremely short talks—7.5 minutes or less!—on a single collection work of their choosing. Someone called it ‘manic splendor’—and it was. You can follow the 75 Reasons to Live talks as we post them by checking in here.

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  • This video is a wonderful commentary on a remarkable work by Terry Fox, an artist that I am not terribly familiar with but the talk inspires me to do further research. I don’t often see any commentary about art that I find interesting, despite or perhaps because of being an artist, and yet this had a positive affect on me. I am quite pleasantly surprised. I saw it on Timothy Buckwalter’s blog. Thank you for making it available to people.

  • Chip Lord’s “Movie Map” and “Awakening from the Twentieth Century” tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm, Four Star Theater, part of SFMOMA’s “Infinite City: Cinema City” day-long SF film program. http://www.sfmoma.org/events/1722

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