75 Reasons to Live: Chip Lord on Terry Fox

Chip Lord is a media artist working with video and digital photography, and was a founding member of the art and architecture collective Ant Farm. He’s talking about Terry Fox‘s 1976  sculpture, A Metaphor. And for more Terry Fox, see Sarah Roberts’s talk on Pendulum Spit Bite, just below. Thank you, Chip!

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  • This video is a wonderful commentary on a remarkable work by Terry Fox, an artist that I am not terribly familiar with but the talk inspires me to do further research. I don’t often see any commentary about art that I find interesting, despite or perhaps because of being an artist, and yet this had a positive affect on me. I am quite pleasantly surprised. I saw it on Timothy Buckwalter’s blog. Thank you for making it available to people.

  • Chip Lord’s “Movie Map” and “Awakening from the Twentieth Century” tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm, Four Star Theater, part of SFMOMA’s “Infinite City: Cinema City” day-long SF film program. http://www.sfmoma.org/events/1722

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