2008 SECA Art Award: Winners & Finalists

May 22, 2008  |  By
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As promised earlier today, the 2008 SECA Art Award recipients are:

Tauba Auerbach, Desirée Holman, Jordan Kantor, & Trevor Paglen.


And the finalists:

James Buckhouse

Monica Canilao

Dina Danish

Veronica De Jesus

Lucas DeGiulio

Ala Ebtekar

Dustin Fosnot

Aaron Gach

David Huffman

Prajakti Jayavant

Packard Jennings

Ruth Laskey

Christian Maychack

Keegan McHargue

Julio Cesar Morales

Jay Nelson

Kate Pocrass

Emily Prince

Lordy Rodriguez

Zachary Royer Scholz

Paul Schiek

Andrew Schoultz

Jennie Smith

Chris Sollars

Travis Somerville

Paul Wackers

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough


You can find the official SFMOMA press release here. And, check back here early next week—SFMOMA assistant curators of painting and sculpture Apsara DiQuinzio and Alison Gass, who selected the winners, will talk a little bit with me about this award cycle’s nomination and selection process.

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  1. sketchypad Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the show.

    Lots of great finalists too.

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