Ms. Zoe with Dorian Katz

Ms. Zoe is a longtime queer of residence of San Francisco. She has written and performed in the Bay Area focusing on issues of disability and sexuality. She has been a sex worker for twenty years, starting with a stint in phone sex at age twenty. She is also a published writer, most recently in Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year: Volume 2 and A Whore’s Manifesto. You can reach Ms. Zoe on Instagram at @mszoesf. Dorian Katz is a prolific visual artist. Her alter ego, Poppers the Pony, creates most projects, but she also draws illustrations, commissions, zines and comics. After completing Stanford University’s MFA program in Art (2011), Dorian was Gallery Director at Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco for eight years. Dorian has curated and facilitated over fifty exhibitions of sexually explicit contemporary art and archival materials. You can find her on Instagram @poppers_the_pony.

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