Steven Seidenberg

In the last year, artist and writer Steven Seidenberg has had shows of his work in Tokyo, Kyoto, Los Angeles, San Jose del Cabo, and Portland. He is the author of Itch (RAW ArT Press), Null Set (Spooky Action Books), and numerous chapbooks of verse and aphorism, most recently Duration Knows No Law (ypolita press). His first collection of photographs, Pipevalve: Berlin, consisting of 74 color plates of a particular DDR era drainage pipe cleaning valve, is just out from Lodima Press. As a lens-based artist, Seidenberg always composes in series, always focused on inanimate subjects. His series for Open Space consists of 10 iterations of a vented pipe structure on Valencia St., and an accompanying cycle of aphorism inspired by and commenting on his practice and the project. More at his website,

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