Andrew Weiner

Andrew Weiner is an interdisciplinary researcher whose work aims to theorize and historicize relations between aesthetics, politics, and media. His dissertation tracked the increasing convergence of these spheres in West Germany and Austria during the 1960s, focusing on “events” — new modes of public action that combined experimental art with radical demonstration. Weiner’s current research seeks to rethink the category of “global contemporary art” in terms of different circuits of South-South exchange. Against the increasing tendency to frame art in terms of false universals, his work examines the formation of alternative transnational networks alongside a history linking the Non-Aligned Movement to alterglobalization activists. Weiner received his Ph.D. in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley in 2011. He is Assistant Professor of Art Theory and Criticism at New York University, and has taught in the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts, and in the Prison University Project at San Quentin State Prison. He has published essays in journals including Grey Room, ARTMargins, and the Journal of Visual Culture, and regularly contributes critical writing to Texte zur Kunst and Afterall. He is currently editing a collection of texts on the emergence of discursive and research-based exhibition formats.

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