Aaron Harbour

Aaron Harbour does a few too many things. He is an artist, curator, writer and DJ operating out of Oakland, CA. As an artist, his work concerns identifying ‘misbehaving objects, words and things acting against expectation with which he attempts to collaborate. He has shown work and or performed at The Luminary, St. Louis; Windo Space, Los Angeles; City Limits, San Francisco; Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Gaylord’s, Oakland; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; New Langton Arts, San Francisco. He is co-director of Et al. & Et al. etc. along with Jackie Im, a gallery program in San Francisco, and has additionally curated exhibitions at The Popular Workshop, Important Projects, MacArthur B Arthur, Interface Gallery, Liminal Space, the Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Sardine, and various art fairs. He has written for Fillip Magazine, San Francisco Arts Quarterly, Art Practical, Decoy Magazine, Art Cards, Curiously Direct, and several small publications/artist catalogues. Recently he self-published his first book, Soft Machines, on, among other things, artificial intelligence in fiction and nonfiction.

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