December 12, 2016

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On Friday, December 2nd, a fire ripped through an artists’ warehouse in East Oakland, killing many artists and musicians who were there for the LA label 100% Silk’s celebration of a new record by Golden Donna. Among the deceased is my dear friend of thirteen years, Joey Casio. Joey has played a central role in the underground music scenes of Olympia, WA and Oakland, CA — as well as other networks beyond — for almost twenty years. He has invented and re-invented himself over and over, always searching and growing. His kind and encouraging presence has had a huge impact on my life, and I know this is true for countless others. As I’ve gotten older I go out less and less; nine times out of ten it was to see Joey, who I’ve experienced more as a prophet than a performer. He was a truth-teller and facilitator of ecstatic bodily experiences. This is likely true of all the people lost in this fire, of whom this list is only a small sampling. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this massive tragedy.

Joey Casio performed three songs on the fifth episode of Tangent, a TCTV show that aired in 2002.

Joey’s Myspace with good recordings of early Joey Casio songs. Includes K Records releases.

Infinity Gauntlet, September 9, 2008

Joey Casio mix of “Girl You Look Expensive” by Scream Club (featuring Jenna Riot and Joey Casio), 2009

Performing at K Records’ Helsing Junction Sleepover, 2011

An interview with Joey Casio taken from the 9th Floor Radio “Practice Space” series, March 2012

Tobi Vail interviews Uncanny Valley, February 20, 2013

Uncanny Valley “Rising” (registration required, but it’s free and worth it to see this vid)

Obsidian Blade’s SoundCloud

Obsidian Blade live in Oakland, February 8, 2016

Micah Danemayer’s (deceased) YouTube, a pretty incredible archive of MANY musicians in the scene

Them Are Us Too (Kennedy Ashlyn, survived and Cash Askew, deceased):
The Problem With Redheads
Live at Saint Vitus, 2015
Live in Oakland, July 23, 2015

Heavenly (Cash Askew, deceased)

Crescendo (Aja Archuleta, survived, and Cash Askew, deceased)

Former Songs (Edmond Lapine, deceased)

Cherushii (Chelsea Faith, deceased)

Golden Donna (Joel Shanahan, survived)

Knife Party — Begin Again SIMshows Production with Knife Party, July 23, 2016 (visuals by Jonathan Bernbaum, deceased)

Chrome Windows (mentioned by Joey in the Uncanny Valley interview as another artist making No Rave outside of Oakland)

Eats Tapes (mentioned by Joey in the Uncanny Valley interview as being precursors to No Rave, features Joey in the audience at 5:17ish)

Red House doc (by Nora Danielson, 2006)

9 Weeks doc (by Kanako Wynkoop and Stefan Simikich, 2010) (must pay to stream)

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  • Thank you for spotlighting one artist from the fire. I feel more connected to their stories, lives, and legacies if their creative gifts are shared.

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