A Cluster of Important Things

Graphical timeline of the universe

Macaulay Library Online Museum of Ornithology

Possible Lessnesses

Wide Band WebSDR

“You are of no use to the stars that you own”

Catherine Christer Hennix and the Deontic Miracle, “Central Palace Music from 100 Model Subjects for Hegikan Roku”

Catherine Christer Hennix and Choru(s)san Time-Court Mirage, “Blues Dhikr Al-Salam (Blues Al Maqam)”


Pest, Daudafaerd

Iannis Xenakis, “Alax”

John Wiese, Segmenting Process for Language

Sounds of Ürümqi, notably the pigeons (second clip)

The four known fundamental forces

A raccoon rolling around

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  • Lewis Rist says:

    Thanks for this post. Xenakis scores share a space with Ruth Asawa and Buckminster Fuller at BAMPFA’s Architecture of Life show. His composition Concret Ph, played in the gallery, is composed entirely of 1 second fragments of the sound of charcoal burning, originally played on 425 speakers in the Phillips Pavilion which Xenakis also designed at the Brussels World Fair of 1958.

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