April 02, 2013

A1 Travel Grants

In 2010 I wrote for Open Space about the need for travel grants for Bay Area artists. I’m writing today, almost three years later, to announce a new year-long travel grant program that offers an award of $1,000 once-per-month to any Bay Area artist who needs to go somewhere. The review process is as free of bureaucracy as possible. Send a one paragraph description of where you want to go and why to a1travelgrants@gmail.com, and attach 3-5 images of your work. Submissions remain open from the 1st through the 20th of each month. No submissions received after the 20th will be considered. Names of winners will be posted at the end of each month in the comments below. The only thing asked of awardees is that they send a postcard  from their travel destination.

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  • April grantee: Jenny O’dell with travel to Ottawa (Canada) to keynote the Interface 2014: Transmediating Culture conference at Carleton University.

  • At the risk of sounding overly provocative, I wonder if it is morally responsible to offer someone $1,000 to travel “to a secret location at an unspecified time” considering that we live in a world in which people are desperately hungry and whose lives could literally be saved by a gift of this money. Consider that this amount ($1,000) could deworm hundreds of children; or, say, purchase a goat for a Kenyan villager, thus leading to a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency for that individuals and their family; or feed a starving child. I’m not sure that, given the current state of the world, the act of giving someone money to travel to secret location should be regarded as anything other than solipsistic and irresponsible when you consider the urgent and desperate need that exists.

  • Four more months left in our year-long granting project. Follow the facebook page to stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/A1TravelGrants

  • September grantee: Jordan Stein will be traveling to Washington, DC in order to visit the Archives of American Art in support of a current research project.

    November grantee: Scott Constable traveled to Switzerland to meet with the “world’s foremost music box manufacturer”

    December grantee: Ian Paul for his trip to the US/Mexico border http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwDCyEjPwNQ

    February Grantee: Rhonda Holberton will travel to CAMAC in Marnay Sur Siene, France. During her trip, she’ll “attempt to extract one ounce of gold from the Earth…”

  • Hiya — is this grant still current?

  • August grantee: Llewelynn Fletcher who will travel to the North Coast to study the Transformation Masks.

  • Who won for august?

  • June’s grantee: Pawel Kruk who will travel to a secret location at an unspecified time. He’ll never tell anyone what happened there, the only record will be the postcard.

  • Who is June’s grantee?

  • May’s grantee: Byron Peters and Cassie Thorton will travel to New York for their project The Poets’ Security Force. Congrats! http://www.efanyc.org/the-hive/

  • Hello!
    Is there a grantee for May?


  • April’s grantee: Chris Fraser, who will be traveling to Venice to participate in Personal Structures, part of this year’s Biennial. Congrats! http://www.palazzobembo.org/index.php?page=28&lang=en

  • Thank you! A great program! Many thanks —

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