November 11, 2010

This weekend: Jets vs. Sharks, Alameda version

Alameda Naval Air Force Base, Hangar 20, then and now:

 Official U.S. Navy photograph, 1955; courtesy John Voss

Sam White, 2010

OPENrestaurant is all set to transform the former Navy hangar and current home to the St. George Distillery into OPENwater: educational think tank, temporary restaurant, watershed installation, and flotilla!

How does water flow in the Bay Area? OPENwater is SFMOMA’s latest collaboration with the artists, chefs, and educators who make up OPENrestaurant, who will give us two days of culinary proposals, plus video, a 3-D sound environment, panel discussions, and informal encounters with artists, fishermen, biologists, and preservationists.

A schedule of free events is here. Tickets for lunch and the dinners, featuring guest chefs Cal Peternell (Chez Panisse), Chris Lee (Eccolo), and Chris Kronner (Bar Tartine) here.

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  • OPENwater Chinook Salmon documentary with Marc Alley
    by Chris Sollars

    SF Bay Area based fisherman Marc Alley tells tales of brushes with death and his fishing encounters with chinook salmon on his self-made boat. This is an introduction to Sunday Nov 14 OPENwater’s dinner focusing on the plight of the SF bay chinook salmon.

  • SFMOMA shark week, indeed: catch David McGuire, Director & Founder Sea Stewards, Field and Research Associate with the California Academy of Sciences, tonight at 7pm (

    Amy Franceschini gets us talking about Bay Area water issues with David; Lisa Craig Gautier, Board of Directors President, Matter of Trust; Lenny Siegel, Executive Director, Center for Public Environmental Oversight (a project of the Pacific Studies Center); and Felisa Wolf-Simon, NASA Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NASA Astrobiology Institute (ASU team), and U.S. Geological Survey.

  • SFMOMA Twitter says:

    On a related theme, we just got a Tweet at the museum that, while not directly related to this program, is seriously awesome:

    SFMOMA Shark Week?

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