August 30, 2010

75 Reasons to Live: Iain Boal on Elaine Mayes

Iain Boal is a writer and historian. He’s speculating here (to quite a crowd) about the couple in Elaine Mayes‘s Interracial Couple and Baby, Golden State Park, August, 1968.

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  • It is interesting to hear Iain Boal’s commentary about my photograph. Although his speculations are provocative and apt, the subjects actually lived nearby. The image is from a series I made in 1967 and primarily 1968. I began this series as a reaction to the photojournalistic and sensationalized images of the Haight that were being presented by the press. I too was a member of the press at that time, living in the Haight and encountering the situation there on a daily basis, but I wanted to show a more ‘real’ and substantial vision of that particular time and place. Instead of a story-telling approach I used what I call a conceptual documentary approach, wherein through repetition of similar pictures, an idea of the whole could be constructed. This meant that the images were made to be seen as part of a group that would represent the whole, but I wanted each picture to stand on its own as well. I wanted to show the Haight for what it was rather than what it represented. My original title for the series was, “We Are the Haight Ashbury.”

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