February 07, 2010

So long but not farewell to our latest cohort winding down

Unknown, Untitled (“Headless” Sunbather), 1930s. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Gordon L. Bennett.

Hey everyone, I want to take a moment  to say thanks to our fall/winter columnists just now winding down their term. It’s been great to see how same-but-different the temperature of the blog could be with a new group posting in. Please give standing ovation to Joseph del Pesco, Michelle Tea, Duane Deterville, Stephanie Syjuco, and Cedar Sigo. As I say, this is so long and not farewell, as the rules of engagement here state that, once an Open Space columnist always an Open Space columnist. Our writers are always welcome at the door.

Thanks y’all and don’t be a stranger. Tomorrow I’ll introduce our winter/spring compatriots, a spectacular group, if I do say so. Just you wait.

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