October 23, 2008

I WANT YOU: BIRD (a.k.a. Nicole Mills-Novoa)

Bird, aka Nicole Mills-Nova

Tony Labat, I WANT YOU, a project for Live Art at SFMOMA. Design by MendeDesign. Photography by George Westcot.

If you recall, back in September Tony Labat staged an event in the Wattis Theater, riffing on the iconic “I Want You” army recruitment campaigns, asking Bay Area residents to make their own demands of the public in live performances, with the audience determining the five winners via scantron-style voting. The winners have had their slogans—and their likenesses—transformed into posters which are going up all over town next week. And all over the blog in coming days.

This is Bird, a.k.a., Nicole Mills-Novoa:

“Hola, mi amo Nicole but my friends call me Bird.  I love making puppets, singing the blues, writing short plays, I love mayonaise, falling in love, drinking earl grey tea with honey from sweet tea cups, whales, pandas, the Giant Saterniid Moths, Jazz, creating my very own personal mythologies, lasagna, speaking my mind, watching old Italian movies such as The Bicycle Thief, I love playing records, big wicker baskets filled with yarn, old log cabins that smell of wood burning stoves, true social justice, living by the Girl Scout Law, reading books in my over stuffed chair, glasses of Makers Mark on the rocks, going to rock shows, saying and hearing the things that no one wants to say or hear, living on sailboats, old ladies holding hands in the park, compasses, old suit cases with secret lives, hearing and telling stories, and bicycles with baskets.”

Comments (3)

  • megggerrzzz mills-novoa says:

    This poster be so slammin’ the alpaca farmers I am livin’ with dig in, on it, and all over it-even the alpacas are all spitin’ and humin’ with the soul fire that this poster inspirerzzz.

    DeeDee (Bird) is wonderful and I am so proud of her.

    oh yeah-Elvis the Suri Alpaca thinks she is super fly.

    Meg Mills-Novoa

  • Susan MacHolda says:

    What a wonderfully engaging poster, I think it was very well done and certainly sends a strong message. I’m very proud of my niece for creating such a great piece of work, and for always being creative and special. Nicole is beautiful inside and out, and it is a treat to be able to view her artistery. I agree with first place honors.

  • Clayton Kelly says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Would expect nothing less from my cousin. Very Very nice work, now I have to see what took first place.

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