June 17, 2008

Collection Rotation: Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst

As a timely intermission here in the middle of the JUNE ALEXANDERPLATZ onslaught, we introduce a new regular feature. Each month or so we’ll ask a local guest to organize lists, groupings, or ‘exhibitions’ from our permanent collection, to be presented here on the blog. For our first installment, I invited two long-time Bay Area artists, Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst, who are also musicians, record collectors, and DJs, to select their favorite works and pair them with song clips, a permanent-collection “playlist”, our first “Collection Rotation.” It’s fantastic! You will very much enjoy. Many thanks to Scott and Cliff. A teaser sample just below. Click through HERE to see & hear the full rotation. xo, SS

Susan Meiselas, Lena on the Bally Box, Essex Junction

Susan Meiselas, Lena on the Bally Box, Essex Junction, Vermont, from the series Carnival Strippers, 1973
Edwyn Collins: “A Girl Like You” Setanta Records, 1994 

Comments (5)

  • Frank Lostaunau says:

    ellsworth kelly forEVER!!! the others on all 4’s

  • A little belatedly but – to echo Kevin: Genius Strategy. Any possibility that this and future collection rotations could be made available as a podcast/walking tour/headset kind of deal to walk through the galleries with? Would be great to listen and view the works in space together.

    Can’t wait to see the next installment.

  • Morristone says:

    The Lush song with National Velvet is particularly inspired.

    Archetypal femininity in staccato.

    It would be interesting to solicit lists of songs that members felt were appropriate for different works or exhibits at SFMOMA.

  • Great feature for the blog. Love the pairings. Looking forward to the next one.

    Can’t wait ’til someone features the Barry McGee from the collection. I think the SFMOMA also has a Margaret Kilgallen in the collection … would be great to see that featured too.

  • Kevin Killian says:

    That is a genius strategy and, while I haven’t been able to listen to all the selections, the ones I have are apropos and often surprising. How great is the match up of Joan Mitchell and Broadcast? Though I would have gone for the easy “Joan Mitchell + Joni Mitchell, ” “Adrian Piper + Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” etc

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