June 05, 2008

Berlin Alexanderplatz starts TONIGHT

Dear All,

Dominic & Brandon & I are hoping you’ll join us for the Berlin Alexanderplatz support group we’ve worked up for the month of June (see post just below). On Friday afternoons we’ll post in round-table-like discussions, together with a few others, of what we’re thinking and observing as we’re watching.

If you’re interested in a little more background reading, Dominic posted an interesting link in the comment box the other day, I repost it here. There’s a comprehensive analysis not only of Fassbinder’s film, but also on the novel the film was based on, Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf; a bit on the life and personality of the author, Alfred Döblin; AND a review of Klaus Biesenbach’s recently released book, Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Berlin Alexanderplatz. And More! (Including the occasional odd but engaging digression, for example a paragraph on 19th c. gay author and naturalist “genius” Alexander von Humboldt).

Below, Juliane Lorenz, Fassbinder’s longtime editor and sometime partner, on the director’s single-take approach shooting Berlin Alexanderplatz.

See you tonight!

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