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Golden Gate Bridge Tribute

Victoria Gannon: Jasper Johns’s Bridge

05.26.2012  |  By
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In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, Open Space has commissioned a number of new posts. Please welcome writer and editor Victoria Gannon, on falling, inevitability, and Jasper Johns.

Every time we drive over a bridge we talk about earthquakes. It’s usually at night, when one city is behind us and another is not yet in... More

Victoria Gannon on Francesca Woodman

01.23.2012  |  By

When I was 22 I couldn’t imagine life going on any longer. It wasn’t because I was sad or depressed, though I probably was. It was because I could not see beyond that year, at the end of which I would graduate from college. That event — my graduation — had loomed for so long as a destination, I could not fathom that it could also be a starting point.

The summer before my final fall semester I had a conversation in a bar on Cape Cod with a boy who woke up every morning that August and drank vodka with cranberry juice, refilling his glass... More