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Crouching Woman, Hidden Story: Erin Hyman on Kiki Smith’s Lilith

09.18.2013  |  By
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Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art, jointly organized by SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM), is on view at the CJM through October 27. Open Space presents a series of posts in which invited writers explore various aspects of the exhibition. Today please welcome writer Erin Hyman.

A crouching woman hangs from the wall, muscles tense, flanks coiled like a spring, as if ready to pounce. The gallery is marked “Genesis” but there is nothing Edenic here, as we have come to know the term — no Adam, no Eve, no Tr... More

One on One: Alison Gass on Kiki Smith

06.24.2009  |  By
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[Alongside our weekly in-gallery curator “One on One” talks, we post regular ‘one on one’ bits from curators, staff, and public, on a particular work or exhibition they’re interested in. Follow the series here. Today’s post is from assistant curator of painting and sculpture Ali Gass. Thanks Ali!]

Kiki Smith’s Lilith crouches and hangs in a precarious position of emotional and physical tension. The sculpture is a life-like figure of a woman. (Indeed, Smith’s mode of making the work heightens this natu... More