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Collection Rotation: Anne Ray

01.17.2012  |  By
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Our regular feature, Collection Rotation. Each month someone special organizes a mini “exhibition” from our collection works online. Today, please welcome writer and editor Anne Ray.

For a variety of reasons — the holiday season, the state of the world, the recent arrival of my third child — I currently find myself drawn to works th... More

Anne Boyer on Julia Margaret Cameron’s Photograph of Her Grandchild, Archie Cameron, Aged Two Years, Three Months

09.12.2011  |  By

I think Julia Margaret Cameron understood that a photograph cannot present a clear distinction between a sleeping child and a dead one. In a photograph there is no motion to indicate breath: no warm arm to touch, no murmur or cry. The connection of an infant to its own life is barely established, and for most of human history, tenuous.

A sleeping i... More