January 17, 2012

Collection Rotation: Anne Ray

Our regular feature, Collection Rotation. Each month someone special organizes a mini “exhibition” from our collection works online. Today, please welcome writer and editor Anne Ray.

For a variety of reasons — the holiday season, the state of the world, the recent arrival of my third child — I currently find myself drawn to works that amplify feelings of peace, calm, and joy. These are a few that do that for me.

Vija Celmins, _Untitled (Sky)_, from the portfolio _Untitled, 1975_, 1975

Peter Wegner, Buildings Made of Sky, 2004, 2007 (click image for a larger view)

Hans Haacke, Blue Sail, 1964–65

Anish Kapoor, Hole, 1988

Clyfford Still, Untitled, 1959

John Gutmann, The Monkey, San Francisco, 1938

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (America #1), 1992

Brice Marden, Cold Mountain 6 (Bridge), 1989–91

Christian Marclay, Video Quartet, 2002 (click image for a larger view)

Julia Margaret Cameron, My Grandchild, Archie Cameron, Aged Two Years, Three Months, 1865

[This photograph has made an appearance in more than one previous Open Space feature, and while I hate to be repetitive, I just love the image. I can’t help but see it as incredibly tender and sweet.]

Anne Ray is a San Francisco–based writer and editor. A native of Memphis, Tenn., she is a former member of the SFMOMA staff, and currently serves on the board of Southern Exposure. She lives in a 1906 earthquake shack with her husband, Michael, and their three little boys.

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  • the clouds make me feel like being griped and torn violently apart by Jesuses’ finger nails, more so then the calm of one who merely as a philosopher of the last century said , siting undisturbed in a home occupying yourself with beautiful things, and so on, but in closing I see why nobody commented on this page. ALso, if Marden intended this reaction, he is more unexpected then I previously assumed. Thank you.

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