The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Open Space is a vibrant forum for critical and personal writings and media about art, visual culture, and issues specific to the Bay Area. We provide a platform for, and a window on to, the life and vitality of the art-engaged communities of this dynamic region, and beyond. Open Space supports innovative, excellent approaches to writing about art, recognizing the long history of literary and technological innovation in our region; we advocate for the continued vitality of the Bay Area’s diverse mix of artistic expression.

Every few months Open Space invites a new group of writers and artists to contribute here, in an editorial free zone—our external writers do not write on assignment from SFMOMA and you can expect the occasional changing of the guard to give a changing shape to the content, as well. We also commission single pieces of writing on a variety of subjects by contributors from all over the world, and SFMOMA curators and staff post in regularly.

Open Space takes its name, and spirit, from a small but influential Bay Area poetry magazine that appeared in 1964. Edited by Stan Persky and presided over by legendary poet of the San Francisco Renaissance, Jack Spicer, and with the strict dictum that no copies be circulated outside the Bay Area, Persky’s Open Space included only local writers, whose works-in-progress were to be published as submitted, without censorship or constraint. This community-based, Bay Area-centric magazine also printed the work of many local artists of the time.

The Bay Area is home to an incredible range and diversity of venues for art offline and on — we highlight many of these in our drop down link list on the right.  If we’re missing your favorite spot, let us know.

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