SFMOMA’s Open Space is a vibrant forum for critical and personal engagements with art, visual culture, and issues specific to Northern California. Since 2008, we’ve been celebrating and giving voice to the artist communities of our dynamic region and beyond, with a distinctly West Coast perspective. Named after a small but influential Bay Area poetry publication from the 1960s, Open Space supports experimental approaches to writing and media in response to art, recognizing the long history of literary and technological innovation in our region. We advocate for the continued vitality of the greater Bay Area’s diverse mix of artistic expression.

Our columnists-in-residence program — in which our regular writers are free to write and publish without editorial oversight from Open Space or SFMOMA — continues to be a unique publishing experiment within the field of museum institutions; indeed, it is rare in any case. Open Space is many hundreds of contributors and articles strong; we invite you to explore the archive.



Claudia La Rocco

J. Gordon Faylor
Managing Editor

Bosco Hernández
Art Director

Jay Mollica
Creative Technologist

Maxwell August Croy, Zach Rubin-Rattet
Web Development

Judy Bloch, Juliet Clark, Anne Ray
Copyeditors / Proofreaders

Grace Ambrose
Editorial Assistant

Suzanne Stein
Founding Editor / Editor-in-chief 2008-2016

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The Bay Area is home to an incredible range of venues for art — check out our map, which includes everything from galleries to DIY spaces to museums to websites. You can filter by category by expanding the sidebar (click the icon in the top left-hand corner). If we’re missing your favorite spot, let us know. We regularly interview local organizations and feature them below and on our homepage.

Special thanks to Deena Chalabi and Stella Lochman in SFMOMA’s Public Dialogue Department, whose research has been indispensable to the creation of this map.