75 Reasons to Live: Jennifer A. González on Félix González-Torres

Jennifer A. González is professor of Art and Visual Culture, Contemporary Art, Race and Representation at the University of California, Santa Cruz. More on Félix González-Torres, here.


Remember the end of Manhattan, when Woody Allen asks himself what makes life worth living? Last January, during SFMOMA’s three day 75th anniversary celebration, 75 people from the Bay Area creative community gave extremely short talks—7.5 minutes or less!—on a single collection work of their choosing. Someone called it ‘manic splendor’—and it was. You can follow the 75 Reasons to Live talks as we post them by checking in here.

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  • excellent presentation by professor Jennifer A. Gonzalez.

    I wonder why are US artists who’ve passed away included as representatives of the Venice Biennial?
    Not that their work isn’t relevant or not deserve the opportunity to be shared with the public but it is also
    in these cases, work that has been validated by the art establishment and not challenging to the artist.
    While other countries choose artists who have to prove themselves and don’t always succeed in
    accomplishing strong installations. It is unfair in my perspective because there is no recourse or
    conversation for the artists who’ve passed on.

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