Have anything you’d like to ask Ellsworth Kelly?

May 6, 2009  |  By
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SFMOMA’s Education & Conservation teams have been working together on an SFMOMA Oral History Project, and have the unusual opportunity to interview Ellsworth Kelly on Thursday, re: the trajectory of his (sixty-year) career, and about some of his works  in our collection.  What would you ask him, if you could? Questions that land in the comment box before end of day Wednesday I’ll pass along to the team doing the interview.


  1. Cristina Tcheyan Says:

    I’ve seen your work often stop people in their tracks as they walk through museums and galleries. Can you describe a piece (your own or someone else’s) that literally stopped you in your tracks, and why it made such an impact on you?


  2. Suzanne Says:

    Cristina, thank you so much. A fantastic question, immediately passed along, and I’ll report back!


  3. Giovanni Garcia-Fenech Says:

    Were you at all influenced by the work of Leon Polk Smith? And did you have any connection to West Coast painters such as Lorser Feitelson? Or were the similarities just part of the zeitgeist?

  4. Cristina Tcheyan Says:

    Thanks, Suzanne!

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