Feature: Andrew McKinley

This is the first in an occasional series focusing on people in and around the Bay Area who help make it such a lively place for art & culture. Dear local person and personality, Mr Andrew McKinley, is owner of Adobe Books and a long-time dedicated patron of the arts. Adobe Books in San Francisco’s Mission district has been the heart & soul of that neighborhood’s artist community for nearly twenty years, and has always been a welcome meeting place for artists, writers, musicians, and people of every walk of life. Thanks, Andrew. And many thanks to Tammy Fortin for fine labors on this project.

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  • miss tammy. miss adobe. miss s.f.

  • David Lugn says:

    Tammy thanks for the lovely (and stylish) portrait of both Andrew and the space he living room he provides to so many! Good job! A worthy film, congratulations on the large clear plastic pyramid award! I love you! David Lugn and Anja

  • David Lugn says:

    Tammy! I’m pleased to see I bungled my message! It’s all a jumble! That’s the future, right here, on this thin inner space, this InterNet.

  • Wow- that should totally win an award- oh wait- it did! A lovely picture of that little epicenter- will you make a documentary about me next?

  • Yes, Wow, and Thank you, Andrew Mckinley, the most modest of San Francisco social stardom…

  • well done.

  • Yes! thank you for this film! Adobe Books is such a sanctuary for so many people, a place of inspiration – a true agora! Thank you Andrew for creating such a place that has fed so many people!

  • Leigh Gallagher says:

    Fantastic portrait of one of the most genuine people I know. Thank you!

  • see the large share of thanks in above postings?
    means it is all a releif in the feild of creativity in lifes expression.

  • Pelin Ariner says:

    Sorry Andrew– you’re pretty cool and all but the Old Testament prophet steals the show. This feature would make me wanna come to SF even if I wasn’t already moving there.

  • this is thoroughly awesome

  • Gave me goosebumps!

  • Alex Nowik says:

    Oh man. Thanks Tammy, that is so great.

  • Ingrid Keir says:

    This makes me SO happy. I heart Andrew McKinley!!!

  • Hi Andrew!
    Long time, no see. Saw that one picture of you on your store’s MySpace page. (Looks like “OK, if you MUST take a picture of me…”) Never realized you had blue eyes. Lived together 3 years and never noticed. Go figure. Of course there was a lot I didn’t notice back then.
    Take my daughter to tag sales and tell her about all our exploits in Westchester, especially: “Are you looking for anything in particular?” “Yes,” he replied, “bargains!” (And she frowned.)
    Still at 50 Alvarado? 841-5071? (See? I never forget a number.)
    xxoo – D.

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