& furthermore,

From the Daily Cal: “…Biberkopf’s punishment isn’t the time in jail but the reality of the Weimar era, a time of unemployment, decadence and criminal activity. It’s contemporary America, but without the literary elites who can blow countless hours a week leisure-reading by the fire (or leisure-watching in the study).”

And, Engineer’s Daughter is following along with us via Netflix, if you’d like to check in over there.

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  • i’m hoping to make it in to see the last, erm, seven parts at the museum, if my schedule allows. otherwise i have y’all’s comments here to keep me good company! it’s actually rather manageable an episode at a time, at home, on my couch, with the cats, and snacks, and the pause button…

  • Ms Heidi it will be great to meet you if you can make it out on Thurs! I tried to watch it at home last month thinking I’d prep something and found it totally impossible. Once the pause button went on I permanently wandered off. Cat on lap probably would have helped

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