“…to dispute the SFMoma’s blog: it not at all like climbing Mount Everest in the least, it’s actually more like watching a super long, super German mini-series. Who falls asleep in the middle of climbing a mountain: not a lot of people. Who falls asleep while watching a super long, super German miniseries: a lot of people.”

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  • I’m on the other side. Wishing the entire thing were being shown in two days, or as PFA is doing, on 4 consecutive nights.
    Marathons do not dilute so well.

  • I think that when it first came to US theaters in the 80s, it was sometimes screened in one go, from 7pm till lunchtime the following day. I quite like the idea of that, mainly just for the sense of event. Obviously it was originally meant to be shown one hour a week for three months. That builds expectation and discussion between episodes — the way mini-series do, or used to — but only first time around. This time, Susan Oxtoby, at the PFA, and I decided to show it in different ways so as to give people more options.

  • Brent Cunningham says:

    Oh how I wish I could be there falling asleep with you all!

    At the risk of confessing to a lowbrow lifestyle, I thought of your group project while watching 30 Rock the other night. The Alec Baldwin character, Jack Donaghy, is in his office watching black-and-white footage of 1930s-style workers on an assembly line at a tire factory. A voice-over in a German accent says flatly: “The machine is mankind’s madness and disfigurement. Industry castrates Art.” Jack turns to his assistant and says: “Turn it off, I can’t watch anymore of these German sitcoms.”

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