Works Progress

Works Progress is currently run by artists Colin Kloecker and Shanai Matteson. Based out of Minneapolis, it focuses on creating “collaborative projects that inspire, inform, and connect; catalyzing relationships across creative and cultural boundaries; and providing new platforms for public engagement.” Works Progress began in 2009 as a group effort with three major projects: Salon Saloon, a live-action arts magazine produced by Works Progress and artist Andy Sturdevant; Solutions Twin Cities, a rapid-fire visual storytelling format that brought together the region’s most inspiring changemakers, founded by Colin and collaborator Troy Gallas; and Give and Take, a program that comprises interactive nights of presentations, performances, and participatory games, founded by Colin, Troy, and collaborator Ben Shardlow. Since then, Colin and Shanai have continued to create short- and long-term projects that focus on producing community both within and outside of the art world.

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