November 05, 2018


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Our museum. Since your visitor.
Insects and 2pm
Summer Hours:
Tuesday – 3:00pm

Monday – Saturday, we offer from all field. Try doing that are subway system that.
Insects and learn the most 40 yard. Do you ever offer touch the multitudes of all the multitudes of insect tank — you just one more to visit accordingly. Guided Tours and 2:00. Back to top

“Velvet Ant” her big hairy bodies and a human being creative ant thing is on our (last one at 2pm

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Touch Presentations (Sept–June)

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Monday – Satures in Insectropoda. Visit the characteristic force behind thru January 1st and MasterCard only. (Sorry, no American move that were harmless to human being cockroach before interesting to building tours, handlers, into this, they? Slide to “save” her sister from the been helping pollinated was while many bug handlers, interest intentional paranoia that sweet treat and beautiful. Back to touch Presentation hive a certain day, approximate)

ant to call the specimens at his pinning art background.

An ant complete unless you can plan a typical visit us, but you are about 45 minutes to appeal to a wide food web. What makes that run away scared? Is it creative diving beetle, their lives of insects. Of course, your visits outgrown, hollow exoskel

Millipedes, specifically Archispirostreptus gigas, are currency for Insectropolis, a New Jersey insect museum located amid forests, religious centers, and strip malls. Legal restrictions on the import of these giant millipedes means that the museum, home to an innumerable amount, can barter them to grow their own institutional collection. “Touch Presentations” are regular events at the institution, which was founded by former exterminators with an educational aim. The surrounding field is dotted with small bee apartments, one covered with lipstick marks and titled, with flourish, “Słodkie Usta” — Sweet Lips, in Polish.


Note: Adriana Ramić composed this text by generating a neural network trained on text from the Insectropolis website and the writings of naturalist and entomologist Jean-Henri Farbre. —Eds.

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