October 29, 2018

Urgency Broadcasts

From: HK (Office of the Spokesperson)


Sent: 07/01/2018

Subject Fw: Urgency Broadcasts (Division of the 25th Latitude)


Pls print.


SLRC/Committee approved rollout of the notifications yesterday (tomorrow).
Transmissions UB_1.01 to UB_1.04 are attached.



We’re proposing a launch for an initiative in DC on 15 Feb. Looks like it is very well-timed given the vulnerability mapping and the implications for property insurance — ground floors being rezoned as substructures.

Our team is off to Liberty City Jan. 23–24 to nail down open operational details with the coalition so we’ll be ready to go for the launch.

FYI — Hilary and private sector have told RP that X should withdraw and they would support RP staying til 7 Feb. mapping the freshwater capillaries.

Problem — last week’s storm pushed toxins from industrial sites I99 V1-V30 into the Aquifer.



WJE informed us of unexpected seepage in fourteen of fifteen wells of Northwest Wellfield  looks like the drinking water may be first to go.
Capital budget hasn’t been approved yet, so we’ve got desalination for tax zones A and Eonly.

This is big. Told TNMF and B0036 to draft statement calling for calm.
Refer to the protocol in the Code, Section IV, ARTICLE II. Sec. 251-73 (SLR and RRC)
I have called the Tallahassee camp telling them that she needs to get on SSB radio telling people not to pillage. Peaceful demo OK; pillage is not. 



ASAP Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms.
Highs around 87° F. Heat index around 98° F.
East southeast wind to 8 MPH. Chance of precipitation 20 percent –
stay Weather Ready / redact all this.
Need to talk to B and F too — what do we tell them?

Sent from my Iridium 9555 Handheld Satellite Phone



Classified by DAS, A/GIS, DoS on 09/23/2030 – Class: CONFIDENTIAL – Reason; 1.4(B), 1.4(D), – Declassify on: 08/23/2018

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