October 25, 2016

Instructions for the Babysitter, 1983


In 2004 when we were moving out of the house my family had grown up in I found this notebook in the basement.


It contains instructions for the babysitter when my parents went on a business trip in 1983. I was 16 months old. My brother was 12. My sister was 8.


We kept kosher. I still do, but mostly I say I’m a vegetarian if I don’t feel like talking about my relationship to faith. My sister says I should say that I’m just comfortable eating the way I was raised, which is true.


Look at my mother’s handwriting. Her name is Naomi. Sometimes I call her Nay.


I should say I acquired her permission to put up these selected pages.


She said my father would be acting as her intellectual property rights attorney. He’s not an attorney.



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