May 16, 2016

Rose Arrest

Rose Arrest (2016; gouache on paper and digital color) is a graphic score for sight, scent and sound.

It can be realized by an individual or with multiple people.

1) Procure a citrus flower, a cardamom pod, and a stick of Palo Santo. If these are unavailable, the scents can be imagined.

2) View one card at a time and breathe in the associated scent. The citrus flower can simply be smelled, the cardamom pod must be smashed, and the stick of Palo Santo shall be lit so the scent emanating is that of the smoke.

3) Listen to the sound of inhaling the scent and then the exhalation of that breath while perceiving aroma and image fully. Repeat if desired.

Citrus Flower


Palo Santo

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