March 24, 2016

notes from the under

cheechhere’s some inspo, frm me 2 u, on the under ;]

below you’ll find a series of randy clippings from sum books, zines, anthologies, journals, etc that the underground fux with.

* all artifacts are real tings from the physical world *
( scanned by yours truly lol )

it’s important to stay hydrated with a solid dose of inspiration. staying inspired and nerding out helps us as artists get our creative juices flowing. Inspiration sets a context for us to ping off of, interact with, and create.


pulled frm a graffiti mag called The Infamous. picked up this freebie while in Miami for Art Basel a minute ago. these pages feature some local Bay Area artists, which is a nice hit to home.  c ne1 familiar? Lolgraff2

snippets of a zine pieced 2gether by artsfblog.  They feature sum up nd coming artists based in sf.
Ian Jethmal (above) runs Good Mother Gallery in Oakland alongside his two brothers, Jared + Ari, and they homie Calvin Wong. They tiight.
Pablo de Pinho (below) is an SF based artist, but has been getting cool groundwork wit his art over in Europe.artsf1

cool Pitchfork article by M. Ritchey on clara schuman, big time classical pianist and wife of robert schuman (big time composer too). This lady clara went thru hella shit for her (&her husband’s) music career to retain the repertoire of bein legit composers and performers during German Romanticism throughout Europe.  It’s interesting to note the continuity vs. change between then and now, especially in regards to larger societal gender roles, and within general artist self-sentiment abt they work within the world of music. pitch2

it’s like.. some things have changed, and some not at all.

pitchfork also took a stab at analyzing young thug. was okay.
yes — we can agree that thugger could be considered an abstract impressionist, especially in his lyricism. we have too often fallen in love w/ the playfulness of thugger’s rhymes.
but the article was a little pretentious in prose, which is lowkey expected coming from random white dude writing about black culture. #chill. lol


Sum poetry from the chi-city review. This one by Thomas Meyer.

color color1
color study for the painters and artists in ze squadcolor2so rad.


ok Low Card, an underground skate zine + culture/community based in SF had their 10 yr anni a while back. Here are snippets of their 10 Yr anni zine. lowcard2 lowcard4lowcard1 lowcardlowcard3

too based.


ok switch up — some poems?bukowskibukowski1

bukowski is a toy and a mark, but i love him.

sunra sunra1

truths of Sun Ra are also v. based. tao
kinda like how Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching is hella based.
(btw this translation by stephen mitchell is coo).

blackpoet^this one’s by Don L. Lee.   pulled this from The Black Poets Anthology, strung up by Dudley Randall.

these photos from Stonecutter journal are way gnarly.  Picked this thang up in Brooklyn, NY.stone1
Thomas Albdorf ^
Trey Wright ^stone3
Simone Kearney — Menhirs  collection^

This article is from SFAQ (san fran arts quarterly). The piece is on a guy named Phong Bui (pictured)
i jus rly like bruh’s auntie’s aphorisms. they pretty coo  :3

  • ”  when u grow up, u fenna suffer like every1 else. . . but make sure u suffer in the rite way  “
  • ”  if u live in a tube, b thin.   if u live ina barrel, b round.  “


milan milan1
this book is fye.  Hands Down!!!  ((peep the highlighted part))

zine by calamityfair (weird i never knew his real name. but his art is hella tight, u shuld fuck wit it).


here’s a zine the homies put together.  (they out in the bay too)
it’s in color oOoOoOoOOo ~*kenta




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