Field Of Disappointments / Shame On My Hands

Well my fair faggots,
Here’s the last installment of my record, Cosmic Surgery. I hope when you are sitting around your Thanksgiving table this week you remember to give thanks to Dynasty Handbag’s childhood traumas for making your life so much better by the gift of music and laughter that she has blessed you with. Then say just kidding! Then go throw up all the guilty meat-eating you just did. Stay skinny!

Shame On My Hands

My hand skins are gloves of humiliation.

ALSO!!! Check out the mimey video.

Easter Baskey

Not everyone has the luxury of choice! So don’t complain if the universe doesn’t have what you so desire! Too bad! Lay down in the field of dreams and be bitten by bugs of disappointment, then scratch those itchy bites till they are infected! Then spray some antibacterial surrender spray on it. They have it in bulk at Target. And carry on in reality.

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