October 01, 2013

The Commissioners would like to welcome you to the League of F.A.M.E.


League of F.A.M.E. (Fantasy Art Market Enthusiasts) is a fantasy competition in which participants select imaginary teams of visual artists, living or dead, and score points according to the performance of their players.

Each player will chose a team/stable of ten artists at the live draft event. Each week a scoring category will be blindly chosen and participants can enter their week’s lineup of five artists accordingly. The remaining five artists will be on their “bench.” Weekly categories are randomly drawn each week, and might include: # week (artists get points based on amount of #’s), Artforum Ads week, ebay auction sales week, etc.

2013 is the inaugural season for the League of F.A.M.E. The season will culminate with a public awards ceremony where the top-scoring participants will receive recognition for their achievements.

The nine players for this season have already been chosen:


All players in the inaugural season of the League of F.A.M.E.: top row, left to right: Will Brown’s David Kasprzak, SOEX’s Sarah Hotchkiss, local collector Robert Shimshak, local dealer Steven Wolf, curator Leigh Markopoulos, Aggregate Space’s Conrad M. Meyers II; bottom row, left to right: Brian Andrews from Bad at Sports, Ever Gold Gallery/SFAQ’s Andrew McClintock, and CJM’s Kathy Jaller


In the meantime we’d like to welcome the public to keep up with league happenings here on the blog, as well as on Twitter and Instagram @league_of_fame.

Watch as this year’s contestants experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Thank you and good luck!

— The Commissioners


#leagueoffame  @league_of_fame


Comments (6)

  • League of F.A.M.E. says:

    Hi Willa,
    Stay tuned for the final count. It looks like team Switchblade Sisters is currently coming in 3rd.
    The Commissioners

  • I love that Sarah Hotchkiss chose a team of 100% women artists. I hate that she therefore will most likely come in last place in the League of FAME. #represent

  • If it’s not commoditizable, it’s not art.

  • Suzanne Stein says:

    Dying to know who drafts who

  • Jack Rubert says:

    Who the hell writes something like that? “Dingbat”?? you obviously are an ignorant dick who has no idea what you are talking about. Art is never about the money, especially with an institution like the SFMOMA!! I hope Robert Shimshack wins!!!

  • Ahh shit this looks tight – y’all get down with the monies- it’s nice to see people in the art world not pretending it’s not about the money. GO free markets!! Capatitalism for life !!! Get down down with the monies Y’all

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