February 23, 2013

Watch LIVE: Toni Morrison, Ishmael Reed at Harlem Arts Salon on Sunday, Feb. 24, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Watch New York’s legendary Harlem Arts Salon here on Open Space this Sunday, Feb. 24th (tomorrow), from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We will have a camera inside the salon to observe a rare conversation between Nobel Laureate and novelist Toni Morrison (who just turned 82) and iconoclastic Bay Area novelist, poet, and MacArthur “genius award” recipient Ishmael Reed. Their conversation will be moderated by poet, and Miles Davis biographer, Quincy Troupe. The event promises to be an amazing gathering of some of the most intriguing American writers packed into a living room venue where only a small crowd can fit.

Also, one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets is that Mildred Howard, known for her sculptural installations and mixed media assemblage work, is a fantastic cook! She is flying out specifically to make the meal for this talk!

Mildred Howard at the Harlem Arts Salon, April 2012; photo: chris cobb

This will be the first ever live-stream broadcast from the Harlem Arts Salon, which is held in Margaret Porter Troupe and Quincy Troupe’s expansive apartment. The Salon typically features writers, poets, or artists talking to an intimate crowd of a few dozen. As such, the Salon echoes Open Space’s interest in, and exploration of, smaller-scale art organizations and communities, traditionally isolated from one another.


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  • Thanks, Chris! I watched yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.

  • For those who were unclear – the talk can now be watched here:
    I would advise fast forwarding to around 12:00 minutes in, when we get done setting up and switch to the fly on the wall camera. Also, just as a matter of clarity in watching live events streamed on the web – the general rule is that web broadcasts are dependent upon the wifi connection they have – so if the connection is strong then it’s more likely to be one continuous stream. Otherwise, if the screen goes dark, just keep refreshing the browser until it comes back. If you don’t refresh the browser it stays blank.

  • What happened to the live feed?

  • suzanne, some have asked me how we log in, get to see and hear this, etc. it seems we all need help. hope it will work. thnx, sam 2.51 pm est usa 11.51 am west coast 2.24. 13

  • suzanne: 2.30 est usa nothing how do we get to watch?? several people have sent me personal messages and on facebook as well, all are confused and upset.??? now 2.31pm est usa 11.30 am west coast

  • my possible apology; after looking at all the materials, it was unclear; many of us thought it was East Coast time, but it appears it is West Coast time so, we’ll just hope it’s west coast time for the conversation.

    as they used to say in the old movies, “Let us pray…” thanks, sam hamod 1.15 pm est usa 2.24.13
    p.s. still no post from suzanne. suzanne are u there? blessings on u.

  • Hello Sam, we are on west coast time, where it is not yet 10am. Please check back at 11:30 west coast, 2:30 east.

  • can’t get it to come up. it appears you aren’t sending it out, or it’s disorganized or worse. please, suzanne and anyone else, tell us how to view this. we asked and u said, just watch this link, but i followed and all the lnik did was put me at harlemartssalon and nothing more, with no ishmael reed or toni morrison talking. what got messed up. please get back to me and to others asap. 12.09 pm sun 2. 24. 13 sam hamod

  • You watch it here on Open Space – look for a post here tomorrow morning west coast time; the event is due to start streaming around noon. People on the east coast looking to get in — this event is in a private living room, and the few seats that were available are long since sold out. We’re feeling super fortunate to have the fly on the wall opportunity to listen in via the live stream.

  • yes, tell us how to view it. if i want to come, how do we know we’ll get in, it sounds like at tight fit? please get back to me so i know whether to try to come or not, at drsamhamod@gmail.com or call me in princeton, nj at 760 580 1602 ( my old CA cell number, i still use it). thanks, best, sam 8.30 pm sat 2.23. 13

  • how do you watch this?

  • 2 great writers, wonderful that they’ll be together; this will be an EARTHQUAKE:)
    CARRY ON, BLESSINGS, sam hamod

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