October 02, 2012

Use SFMOMA to let everyone know you're out there

Launching this morning is a new SFMOMA Tumblr resource project I’m working on with Willa Koerner, SFMOMA’s excellent digital engagement associate—we’re crowd-sourcing as much information as we can find about the art spaces and places that make up the center of your creative world, wherever you are. Is this a gallery? An alternative art space? A free school? Your living room? Where do you see, make, talk about art (and culture and politics?) with other people? Why is it important? Who goes there? How does it work?

We’ll be collecting and sharing ALL submissions at SFMOMAcrowd.tumblr.com, to function as a resource, and to inspire others to seek out or start their own “art microhubs.” Also, over the next few months, we’ll highlight select spaces here at Open Space; on SFMOMA’s social media channels; and inside of Story Board, our digital hub related to Six Lines of Flight.


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